Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of Mice and Men.....................

Apodemus Sylvaticus was the culprit!... He sneaked in under cover of darkness and made free with another man's property...namely all my broad bean seeds. The thief is of course more commonly known as the Woodmouse, or Long Tailed Fieldmouse, but calling him “Apodemus” seems to personify the little villain quite nicely. Of the four rows of Aqua Dulce beans I planted in November, the mouse, or mice, have had all but one single, solitary bean. To add insult to injury, on either side of my plot, my neighbours’ beans grow unmolested and proud... Why was I singled out?...Were my seeds more delicious in some way?
All I have to show for my hard work are rows of regularly excavated little pits, that appeared over the Christmas period. I know we a like all good “beanfeast” at that time of year, but this is rather taking things too far I feel. A new replacement sowing is underway in pots in the cold frame (suitably rodent proofed) so in the end all that is lost is time and patience. However, if anyone can advise on how to avoid this unhappy occurrence in future, then I'll be delighted to hear from you…I will need to plant peas soon and the fat, happy mice will probably be breeding!


Blogger Judith said...

I sow my broad beans in paper pots so that they are tranplanted outside without root disturbance. The lip on the pot also seems to protect them.

I also have 2 cats which help on the mouse front, although I think I lost all my sweetcorn to mice last year in one night!

3:10 pm  
Blogger Emma Kitteridge said...

I also start my beans off in paper pots, paper pot making is a great thing to whilst watching the TV!

5:53 pm  

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