Monday, February 27, 2006

Green Shoots..............

Went to the plot just for a “look-see” this morning. Too darn damp and dismal to do anything useful. At last, after several weeks of prevaricating, the replacement crop of broad beans in the cold frame have started to come through, giving every indication that I, instead of Apodemus, might get to eat this lot. A very vibrant, Spring like green on an otherwise miserable day.

The local forecast is for another 10 days of freezing weather, which is depressing, but if it rains a lot it will just about be excusable, as here in the South East we are desperate for every last possible drop in the reservoirs. We’re already facing the prospect of a year round hosepipe ban as it is....without the 200,000 more homes proposed to be built in the region by 2010.

Phoned Thompson & Morgan this afternoon to chase up my seed potato order, as word on the allotment is that they have been having some problems. Seems they have apparently, but orders are now flowing again, and mine should be here sometime this week……now where are those chittin’ shoe boxes I saved?


Blogger Dan said...

It's a bit shocking to hear about hosepipe bans this early in the year. Up here in Scotland we're okay for water, but there's been a lot less rainfall this year than in recent years, so it's probably unwise for us to take it for granted.

8:24 pm  

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