Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alright Already !!......

Sheesh! ....Here's a chap trying to lie low....doggo.....incognito etc.... being foiled by other chaps and lady chaps who keep lifting the duvet, and poking aforesaid sleeping dog with a cyber-stick.

Seriously though folks, I'm touched by the number of friends asking for an update, and would have posted one sooner, where it not for the lack of anything much to tell.

The house is still on the market, and although I have recently accepted an offer, the potential purchaser has not sold hers yet, so I am still stuck here in damp and windy Tonbridge....with no allotment, no move, and not a lot of work.

In the absence of anything prettier to show you, here is a self portrait of me looking suitably harrumphed about it.

Anyhap.... On the upside, I am now a leading expert on day-time-Tv, have been gardening vicariously via other peoples blogs, and am also becoming a dab hand at painting bathroom ceilings.

As soon as the move takes off, I’ll start a companion blog to this one, called “Up Sticks” or some such, to chart my progress. Mean while however, as I have been “tagged” by dear Frankie from her Veg Plot…..here are “5 Things About Me”….

1. I am actually a lot thinner than I look.

2. My only reliable Karaoke song is “Dock of the Bay”, but if egged on, and plied with alcohol, I will most assuredly forget this, and attempt any number of other less accomplished alternatives.

3. I am Sports Mad, but sadly woefully uncoordinated, and thus not much good at games. I once gave up playing (in the loosest possible sense of the word) cricket for my local village team, in order to take up golf. I was working on the premise than in golf, at least, the ball is stationary…..”How hard can it be?” I thought……The answer it appears, is very.

4. I am strangely accident prone when encountering recording artists. (Aren't we all!) Over the years I have flattened Toyah in the street, made Lynsey De Paul cry, and dropped Dave Stewart’s camera. Thus when once meeting Kylie, I thought it best to say little, and keep my hands in my pockets. She has a lot of minders.

5. I love anchovies. I also like olives……Buy me some olives stuffed with anchovies (only the pukah Italian ones mind!) and we can be friends for life.....Attempt to surreptitiously feed me parsnips however, and I will curse you and your kin for all eternity.

Apparently the rules demand that I now turn the spotlight on five other unsuspecting souls….so would the following please stand up and elaborate about yourselves…..you have been "tagged" and are now “it” ....as it were.

She Who Digs, Mr. Toad, Rebsie Fairholm, Lottie, & Emma Jane