Saturday, March 25, 2006

You just can't get the staff..........

A very busy couple of days at Ridgeway Crescent. Some overdue good weather yesterday brought out all the usual suspects, some of whom I haven’t seen for months; and on a Thursday as well.

I arrived at the site intending to plant out the broad beans and do some general tidying, but found “Peter the Plot Boss” already there, and got the unexpected offer of the swanky red rotavator there and then. Thus I spent an hour or so chugging up and down, breaking it up to a medium sort of tilth, and working in some Growmore at the same time. Very satisfying in the sunshine, but it leaves your arm muscles in a shaking spasm for hours afterwards.

I then planted the beans, and went very liberal with the slug pellets just in case, and did some edging and trimming. Along with a spot of hoeing, and a good shed clear out, this felt like the first real gardening day of the year.

Despite this progress however, I can’t help feeling that I’m not getting the full effort from the new Under Gardener. He seems to just want to stand around all day in his Raybans looking cool…… He might think it doesn’t take much to impress the birds, but I on the other hand, know that it’s not that easy!


Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

Way to guard the priceless compost! Looks like you are ready for spring.

6:00 am  

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