Monday, April 24, 2006

Crash test veg...

These are the two small raised beds I mentioned previously, that I made from some hinged, crate-stacking boards donated to me by a friend. I intend to use them as a kind of revolving salad bar, by sequentially sowing small quantities of radishes, lettuce, spring onions etc.

As you can see they are sponsored by Volvo, so I suppose that my lettuces will have the best side impact protection in their class.

I had a stroke of good fortune today, when after helping “Peter the Plot Boss” turn on the mains water, and check all the taps and tanks, he gave me four old glazing panels he wasn’t using, and which are an inch perfect fit for these beds!

They should bring seedlings on nicely, though I will need to make some kind of support frame to prop them up like a roof ridge as the plants get taller.


Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Lucky you - nice cold frames. You are far more advanced weather wise and crop wise where you are.

I have only just planted potatoes and onions - and the big boys have been out in their tractors throwing in their potatoes over the weekend. Our soil isn't very warm yet.

9:53 am  

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