Monday, April 17, 2006

Shameful neglect of duty.....

Nothing much to report here I'm afraid.

Despite the long Easter weekend, very little has happened on plot 14, Ridgeway crescent.

I have actually been down to the site twice, just for flying visits; done the mowing, and made a couple of small raised beds out of some haulage company stacking boards, which a friend gave me whilst clearing an old warehouse. (Hard to describe them here but pics to follow in due course no doubt.) I've half filled them with a mixture of soil and compost, and am planning to plant my lettuces in them. Another friend who is in the double-glazing business is supposedly finding me some discarded secondary glazing panels to eventually put on top of them.

But that's about it...... No spuds buried, no runner beans sown, no peas transplanted.

However, some pretty average golf got played, some beers were drunk, a quiz was won, and I spent a lot of quality time with my sofa....Nature can wait.

Considering I'm not currently working anyway, I think it takes real dedication to be that lazy over a bank holiday!


Blogger Judith said...

No - I am semi-employed with family and I still managed to spend zero time in the garden - despite good weather!

I did manage to forget to bring in the little bedding plants into the greenhouse - so maybe accidental 'hardening off' counts!

9:28 pm  

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