Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Around the ground..........

One of the things I like about our site at RC, is that it is relatively unspoilt. Some other sites I see on the web, and out of car windows, sometimes look a bit like industrial installations, with galvanised iron sheeting, wooden pallet fences and barbed wired all over the place. I know they are very tidy and productive, and their plotholders love them, but I still prefer the "green garden" style of allotment.

I guess we are just lucky that ours is an open plan site, and all the sheds were provided by the council at the same time so it all looks tidy and uniform. We are surrounded on all sides by housing so security is good, and despite being in the middle of town it remains a very leafy oasis. One that many locals don't even realise exists, as you can't see it from the road anywhere.

Anyway, whatever the reasons, the whole site is looking pretty good just now, so I thought I'd post a few views.

(Click on the pics to enlarge)


Blogger Allotment Lady said...

How I dream of a site like yours GM. All neat and tidy and uniform. Nice sheds, and a proper paths, water, security, and fenced in! What luxury. No rabbits, deer, dogs, pheasants, foxes weasles, and other things that come in the day and night to eat, trample, or dig up.

The rabbits are even on my plot during the day now when I am up there - the little rotters, and the babies get in somehow, even though I thought the middle bit of mine was secure - but no - the little blighter I saw today was eating my tiny weeney carrot seedlings that I spent two hours pulling out the weed seedlings from last week.
I think that I am losing the will to.........

I did happen to notice a nice looking dock weed in one of your lovely montage of photos tho. He He He - Not that perfect paradise then?

But I am still green mantle envious.

Looks brilliant. Got any knee pads yet for those poor old knees of yours. Not good for your street cred but one on each knee certainly takes the edge off sharp stone injuries.

10:29 pm  
Blogger Greenmantle said...

Ah, but even the dock weeds grow in neat rows.... ;)

I use one of those long green,foam kneeling pads, with the carry hole cut in it....when I remember to move it on that is. Half the time I look up to find that I have advanced without it, and left it way back up the row.

Knee pads would be better.

We do get our fair share of animal pests though. Partucularly foxes, who chew through any lines or climbing strings; pheasant and pigeons tear into the brassicas. Not many rabbits though.

I suggest you buy a rabbit trap like this ..


And turn them to your advantage.

Rabbit casserole is delicious. Just think of the rabbit as a processing unit for the carrots.

8:11 am  
Anonymous Mildew said...

Lovely plots! Mine are nice, but nowhere as nice as yours and you get pheasants! They're awesome even if they do eat through everything.

That greenhouse is rather lovely too. Something like that and the cold frames wouldn't last two minutes here, which is a real shame. *sigh*

10:30 am  
Blogger patsy said...

I will say that everthing is nice and neat and looks good but I sort of like the blogs where there are making do with what they have.

9:11 pm  
Blogger Matron said...

What a great looking site. So pleased that another fellow allottmenteer has been found! I always wondered if people who have allottments down in Kent, Sussex, Devon or Cornwall are able to grow anything more tender? I have visions of retiring down to Devon to grow tea and coffee plants!

8:09 am  

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