Saturday, May 27, 2006

And the waters receded.........

A week to forget about.

Despite all attempts (including blowing up my microwave and filling the flat with acrid black smoke) I did not quite manage to cough myself inside out however, and am now pretty much recovered. (Why does Benylin have to taste so revolting?) So taking advantage of the unseasonably dry spell between 9am and Noon today I went to the plot to see what has been going on in my absence.

I arrived just as Peter, who promised to do some watering for me, was just finishing doing exactly that. We had a brief comedy conversation along the lines of “ Ah, Thank you my man.” and “ I knows my place zurr”…before I actually looked at the ground and pretty much lost the mood for humour.

Fecking weeds !!!

A considerable amount of hoeing and hand weeding has restored some order to the top half of the plot, but the soil is far too wet for me to get onto the bottom half to finish the job. Weeds offend me, but I will just have to tolerate them until things dry out a bit.

I consulted Pete’s copy of Dr Hessayon, the vegetable bible, and decided it was the right time to pinch the tops out of my broad beans as they have just set pods, and were really starting to get covered in blackfly.

After this I planted 60 pots of sunflowers. The ones I sowed in the soil in April have all failed to germinate, due to the cold and the damp. To be honest I can’t personally be bothered about them now, but having had several conversations with bemused plot holders about my theoretical sunflower hedge, I feel obliged to try and make it happen, so have sown another lot, albeit rather late, in the cold frame.

The runner beans have taken a pasting from the wind and the cold, but look like they will all hang on if only the weather warms up a bit now.

Apart from this things are fairly shipshape on Plot 14, and will have to blunder on for another week before I get chance to put in much time down there again.


Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Keep your chin up sunshine - at least you have got rid of your cough.

Weeds are one of the trials and tribulations of having an allotment - or garden for that matter.

By next week if it rains, you will have more, and the ones down the bottom will be taller.

You are very lucky though - it could be worse - you could have 330 ft x 33 ft - to weed - now that would almost break your heart!

But on the bright side - your crops will be growing wonderfully.

6:40 pm  
Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

Glad to see you're back out and about. Was getting worried. I haven't planted sunflowers yet as I hope for them to be in a new area not yet ready. We're into the late spring weeks of rain now so no digging going on. I have a number of volunteer sunflowers coming up, though, so it must be about time. Last year I direct sowed the sunflowers probably about this time. Yes, I'm one that wants to see the sf hedge. Cheers.

3:08 am  
Blogger lilymarlene said...

Glad you're better! Sorry about the weeds.....but at least you'll have something to compost!!!

1:49 pm  

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