Monday, May 01, 2006

Ticking over........

Quite a few small jobs got done on my plot this week, but nothing really remarkable, or worth photographing.

My efforts can be listed thus:

1. Planted out some young peas round the wigwams.
2. Sowed runner bean seeds and climbing french beans in pots in the coldframe
3. Hoed off emerging bindweed shoots everwhere.
4. Hoed off more bindweed shoots 2 days later
5. Sowed some cabbage seed in the seedbed
6. Mowed and edged
7. Earthed up the first early potatoes that have just come through
8. Planted out some lettuce plants in one of the raised beds
9. More bloody hoeing
10. Ingratiated myself with various folk hereabouts by dishing out bundles of rhubarb

The plot still looks like it hasn't got much in it at the moment, but that will change in the next few weeks as my pumpkins,corguettes and beans go out, and the sweetcorn plants I have blagged a neighbour into getting for me arrive.

It feels a bit strange to be on top of everthing, but I remind myself that I only grow on a modest scale, so don't have hundreds of young plants to prick out, or acres of fruit to weed and train like some other plotholders.

Hopefully this week one of local papers may yield a second hand freezer to put in my garage, so that I can keep a bit more of my own produce this year instead of having to give two thirds of it away again.


Blogger clodhopper said...

Yes, a freezer is exactly what we will need this year too to make the most of our harvest. The big problem is where to put it in a 2 up 2 down terrace with no garage. Maybe I could hang one off the landing ceiling!

6:49 pm  

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