Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad Jokes & Artichokes....

An uncharacteristically diligent and productive week thus far.

Peter the "Plot Boss" is recovering from an operation, and so I was asked to cover for him and open the trading shed this coming Saturday. As well as selling stock, I shall be the "Mower Monitor" & the "Strimmer Supervisor" for a whole two hours!

Having collected the keys this morning I took advantage of helping myself to all the aforementioned communal equipment, plus the rotavator, today, in order to have free time to run round after everyone else on Saturday. This is just as well as "Plot Judging Day" for the six local allotment sites is on Sunday, and although I don't stand a chance of winning anything individually, parts of mine did need a serious going over, so as not to the the RC side down.

The climbing french beans are starting to climb their wigwam, although the jury is still out on the efficiency of the "buried bucket method" of irrigation, as their roots are not that deep yet. I'm assuming from the name "Blue Lake" that they will have blue flowers, which will look a bit odd, but doubtless interesting.

The Atlantic Giant pumpkins that I expressed concerns about previously, look like fulfilling my fears. They have both bolted off in a beeline for the nearest path, and have had to have the tips of their runners chopped off with a spade. I'm hoping this will encourage them to sprout in other directions, although they are not yet a fraction of the potential final size.

The peas are nearly ready, and I have watered them copiously to assist nature with the business of pod swelling. Next to them, where I had some lettuces that are now finished, I'm going to direct sow some more peas for a late crop. I think I'm just in time to get something from them before the summer's end, and have chosen Kelvedon Wonder this time as they seem to indicate a slightly longer season on the packet blurb.

Whilst digging over the ground for this, I was visited by one of our many tame blackbirds, who will come right up to the fork as you turn the soil. This one is indentifiable by the white patches on his body, and has been around all year. Although he'll peck worms from almost right under your feet, he won't take them from hand at all.

I am also in hope that Al, or Petunia will be able to give me a decent Globe Artichoke recipe. Mine are all going to waste at the moment as I have not the first clue what to do with them. I know I have had them served with butter in restaraunts, where you are supposed to scrape the flesh off the leaves with your teeth, but this seems like too much work for so little return. Perhaps someone can advise of a soup or somesuch similar.

Currently the only use I know of is in shocking bad jokes like the one below for which I apologise in advance...............

Bob has worked for SafeSave Supermarkets for ages, but doesn't
get on with his boss. One day he learns that the promotion he has strived hard for all year has been given to the Boss's son. Angry and frustrated he goes to the pub after work to drown his sorrows, where his pal Arthur sees him looking glum. On being asked what the matter is, Bob explains his troubles to Arthur over a beer. The evening wears on, one better turns into several, and Bob is now getting really maudlin. He tells Arthur that he thinks the only way he will
ever get ahead at work is to do away with the boss and his lickspittle son. Arthur is now pretty drunk too, and declares that Bob is his "Besssht Mate" and he'll not stand by and see him treated like this. Filled with misplaced zeal, he swears to bump off the pair of them, for the price the change in Bob's pockets.

Next day the headlines read....." Arty chokes two for a pound at SafeSave"



Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Ha ha.

Not keen on 'chokes' to eat, but they are nice in flower arrangements! Have you tried 'Googling' for a recipe?

9:30 pm  
Blogger Greenmantle said...

Ha! Your comment hit me just as I was on-line...

Yes, I did consider "Googling", and may well resort to it yet.

But I put a higher worth on suggestions from my friends, and so appealed to the "Lotment Posse" first.

9:36 pm  
Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

What are veggies for-if not to eat then to joke about! That's about all I could do with a arichoke I think. Not sure if I've ever eaten one (but remember, I'm the one that's never had a parsnip either).
Hey, I'm jealous of the pumpkin vine though. Mine are only barely above ground. I planted seeds from the Atlantic Giant pumpkin we had last year (plus 2 other varieties). I don't know how that will effect the outcome this year (or is it one of those hybrids that won't grow from saved seeds).

10:34 pm  
Blogger lilymarlene said...

Why do pumpkins head for the path?......both mine are doing that too!!!

6:03 am  

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